Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing

Over the past fifty years, we’ve made major and meaningful advances in plastic extrusion. Plastimak can extrude most plastic materials into custom profile shapes, on an ‘as specified’ basis by developing product to the customer’s specifications. We have flexible production systems that easily accommodate small, medium, or large projects.

Plastic Injection Manufacturing

Our considerable experience with a wide range of injection molding materials including, thermoplastic polymers, resins, colorants, additives and processing parameters, allows us to select the optimum components for any project.

Profile Processing & Welding

For many manufacturers, simplifying the supply chain has become a central requirement. Plastimak recognizes the benefits of providing many options for secondary operations. We are always ready to consider new operations or services that can help our customers simplify their supplier count.

Extrusion & Injection Molding

Our skilled personels have many years experience in plastic extrusion and injection dies. Dies are designed, engineered and optimized on site for the manufacture of high-quality extrusion and injection products in our factory. All extrusion and injection tooling is safely stored and maintained on site.