Having begun in Istanbul in 1960, our company offers services to a wide range of customers within the sector by manufacturing all types of hard and soft plastic shapes for engineering, plastic injection, magnet profiles as well as moulds for injection and extrusion with perfect quality, limitless services, know-how and our experience in plastic shapes.

Our company has reached the most advanced technology possible today with its know-how in the plastic sector, high-tech machines and personnel, who are specialized in their fields.





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Plastic Cooling Profiles

Varying by refrigerator, coolers, industrial coolers, cooling towers, air-conditioning and plastic cooling shapes, our profiles for plastic extrusion cooling systems provides the opportunity to realize your requests with the best quality in the shortest notice.


Plastic Price Tag Profiles

Our extrusion plastic profiles for price tags, which we consider as 'the efforts hidden behind price tags', have a special place for our company.


Polycarbonate Profiles

With the variety of our polycarbonate profiles constitute our plastic lighting group. We manufacture products that are transparent, UV-resistant, with or without diffuser and available in desired colors, according to the requests of our customers.


Aluminum System, Thermal Insulation, Heat Barrier and Box Profiles

Plastic aluminum system used in conjunction with aluminum, heat insulation, heat barrier and plastic box profiles used in exterior systems


Plastic Shower Cabin, Office Seperation Glass, Magnet Profiles

Producing shower plastic extrusion cabin, magnet and plastic glass wall profiles allow us to increase our production diversity and to offer you great opportunities for meeting your needs.


Plastic Furniture Accessories, Baseboards, Plinth, Panels, Corner, T Profiles

We have many plastic extrusion profiles that you will definitely find what you are looking for between furniture accessories, baseboards, plinth, corner and T profiles.


Plastic Boat, Stair, Banister, Automotive, Automatic Door Profiles

We have special productions for the places exposed to high load like boats, yachts, stairs and automatic door.


Plastic Special Field Profiles

As Plastimak family, this content proving we have a structure without borders in variety will ensure you that we have destroyed the border lines. Here are the plastic aquarium, curtain, pool and ski profiles.


Plastic Our Flexible Profiles

Our flexible profiles is a vinyl polymer which can be used in various softnesses, grades and a wide range of colors. It is very resilient and compatible with many additives for color, UV stabilization, and flame retardants.


Plastic Injection Products

We proceed with you in all processed including post-production printing stages from plastic injection mould sample design process and we carry out plastic printing productions in our injection machines of state of the art technology products.