Integrated Management System Policy
Plastimak Plastik Profil Enjeksiyon San., which manufactures and sells plastic profiles and injection parts. Tic. Inc. 
It considers people and the environment as its most valuable assets in all its activities in order to provide solutions to the needs of our customers with the principle of product quality and 
customer satisfaction, attaching importance to technological investment. 
Our aim is to minimize any losses that may occur by providing a safer, healthier working environment, to prevent environmental pollution, 
to follow technological developments and economic changes, to not deviate from our goals and to achieve uninterrupted perfection at every level of the company.
The importance we attach to quality will be the key to our success in the long term. This success will continue with the contributions of Plastimak staff.
Ø To carry out our production activities in line with the company mission and vision,
Ø To lead our company to a higher level, to encourage teamwork, to protect the rights of our colleagues with the trainings to be provided, to ensure their development, 
   to raise awareness, to constantly improve the motivation and satisfaction of our employees,
We will comply with social responsibility principles,
Ø To be transparent and traceable in all stages of our production activities,
Ø To keep efficiency at the highest level by minimizing errors and losses that may occur during production,
Ø To fully understand customer needs and expectations, to meet them at the highest level and to continuously improve customer satisfaction,
Ø To contribute to the continuous development of all our companies within the supply chain,
Ø To secure information by ensuring the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of all information in our activities,
Ø To comply with all legal regulations and other requirements regarding the environment and OHS while carrying out our activities,
Ø Accepting people as the most valuable asset in all our activities, creating a safer, healthier working environment and minimizing any losses that may occur as a priority business goal,
Ø To eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks with a participatory and systematic approach,
Ø To minimize accidents and diseases and to protect the health of our employees,
Ø Ensuring consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives,
Ø Monitoring and reducing the use of natural resources,
Ø To continuously improve our energy efficiency performance by providing energy efficient products and services that affect energy performance,
    To produce the electrical energy we need with the solar power plant we will establish,
Ø We will support design activities that take into account the improvement of energy performance,
Ø We will reduce the carbon dioxide emission level and do the necessary work to qualify for a carbon certificate,
Ø By controlling our waste, we will prevent environmental pollution or minimize it at its source,
Ø To ensure the continuity of this system by complying with the conditions of quality, environment and occupational health and 
    safety management systems and to continuously improve the performance of our Integrated Management System, as the Plastimak family, we are committed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                General Manager
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Gürhan Gürün